CORROSION OF CONFORMITY: i messaggi di cordoglio di METALLICA, FAITH NO MORE e altri dopo la morte di Reed Mullin

Pubblicato il 28/01/2020

Dopo la notizia di questa mattina riguardo alla morte del batterista Reed Mullin dei CORROSION OF CONFORMITY, molti artisti hanno espresso il loro cordogio via social:


Lars Ulrich (METALLICA):




Robb Flynn (MACHINE HEAD):


Randy Blythe (LAMB OF GOD):

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I got the sad news last night that my friend Reed Mullin passed away. Reed was the drummer for one of my all-time favorite bands, Corrosion of Conformity, & he is also one of the reasons I am a singer in a band today. Back in 1985, C.O.C. put out their ground-breaking hardcore crossover record, “Animosity” & from the first time I heard it I loved it- I wore that freaking tape out. My favorite track on that album is one Reed sang, “Hungry Child.” One day I was going skateboarding with some older dudes in Wilmington, NC (I was around 15 years old at the time) & we were in a car driving to the spot- someone threw “Animosity” into the cassette deck. When “Hungry Child” came on, I started singing along. The driver turned around & said “Damn, kid- you can actually sing like that. You should be in a band one day.” That was the first time anyone had ever told me that, I never forgot it, & I never will. If you listen to the way I scream at times, & you listen to “Hungry Child” you’ll hear Reed in my delivery. I told Reed that story many years later, after we had become friends, & he was super stoked. Reed was an O.G. punk rocker from the American South, a place where it wasn’t easy to be different in back in the day. He booked shows for other bands who came through Raleigh, NC, & was super important to the development of the hardcore scene in general. I met him for the first time in an airport when he came up to me & said “Nice shirt!” (I was wearing a C.O.C. one)- we became friends, I got to interview him for my radio show, & I even sang in his super group, Teenage Time Killers. Once in the 80’s my brother & I went to go see C.O.C.- my brother didn’t have enough money to buy a t-shirt, so Reed (who was selling merch after the gig) traded him one for the Black Flag t-shirt he was wearing- that’s the kinda dude he was. Reed also played at the hands-down greatest gig I ever saw- Bad Brains, C.O.C., & Leeway in VA Beach in the 80’s. I took this photo when my band took out C.O.C. on tour- we played freaking Red Rocks on that run- not too shabby for two dirt bag punk rockers from the South. Rest In Peace, Reed- you’re a legend & an influence & I’ll miss ya, bro.

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Michael Amott (ARCH ENEMY):


David Ellefson (MEGADETH):


Devin Townsend:


Lee Dorrian (ex-CATHEDRAL, ex-NAPALM DEATH):

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So sad to hear the news of Reed Mullin. That’s just not fair. Such an amazing talent to have initially come from the hardcore scene. I remember seeing him wearing a white Trouble t-shirt in Maximum Rock n Roll and wanted to know who that band was. I met him many times, mainly when Cathedral and COC were staying at the Columbia hotel at the same time during the 90’s, which seemed like every week to be honest! One of the funniest was visiting them at Electric Ladyland studios in the middle of the night, whilst they were mixing. I was completely off my trolley. We played with them on several occasions during the early 90s, which was always a pleasure and a great time. Every other year he would send an email, checking in to ask how I was doing. I probably have some personal photos but don’t have them to hand right now. RIP mate and condolences to your family, friends and former band mates.

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Charlie Benante (ANTHRAX):


Roy Mayorga (STONE SOUR):

What an amazing drummer. He was definitely an influence and had a huge impact on myself and so many others. I remember…

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Brian Slagel (Metal Blade Records):


Jamey Jasta (HATEBREED):



Reed was easy to love. Everybody loved him. He was a great human, a great drummer and a great friend. He had a way of…

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