QUIET RIOT: i messaggi di cordoglio di membri di KISS, GUNS N’ ROSES, TWISTED SISTER e altri dopo la morte di Frankie Banali

Pubblicato il 22/08/2020

Dopo la notizia della morte del batterista dei QUIET RIOT, Frankie Banali, molti artisti della scena hard rock e metal hanno postato messaggi di cordoglio via social. Eccone alcuni:

Frankie Banali and the fight that he has endured with cancer for well over a year now, that has taken its toll…

Gepostet von W.A.S.P. Nation (Official) am Freitag, 21. August 2020

The Twisted Sister family has just lost another member. Frankie Banali, one of the founding members of Quiet Riot has…

Gepostet von Twisted Sister am Freitag, 21. August 2020

The Frontiers Family is deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Frankie Banali. We had the pleasure of working with…

Gepostet von Frontiers Music srl am Freitag, 21. August 2020

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RIP #FrankieBanali

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I met Frankie Banali when Poison and Quiet Riot did a small tour together in 1986. Frankie was by far the coolest rockstar I had ever met at that point. We stayed friends since then. Frankie was the epitome of being a straight shooter, but a super nice person all at the same time. When Frankie and Regina reached out to me because they knew I went through my own battle, I hooked them up with my Doctors right away. At that time they had no trials outstanding that they they felt was better than the options he was being offered at the time. Frankie battled like a banshee, but the beast was relentless. I never got that pasta recipe, Frankie. Damn you! Love always my brother… . . #frankiebanali #rikkirockett #quietriot #poison

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R.I.P. Frankie. You will be missed….. I met Frankie in 1982. I went to the Troubadour to watch a band play and I’ll never forget the first time I saw Frankie… Wearing a long black leather coat with his hair to the roof and carrying a green sparkle Ludwig kit to the stage. He blew me away and we later worked together on some records and became friends. He was a sweet soul…always put his family and friends first. I’ll never forget I was hanging out at his house one day and he was telling me some family drama that was going on and he was trying to help everybody at the same time and also his mother was really ill he was trying to take care of his mom and I said man you got a lot on your shoulders and he smiled and said… “it’s ok, I have strong shoulders” Frankie you carried the weight of the world on your shoulders man now it’s time for you to rest, rest easy my friend. Condolences to his wife Regina.(

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So very very sad that my brother Frankie Banali passed away last night ? Words cannot Express how I feel at this very moment. I met Frankie in 1981, when @pat_thrall and myself were preparing to make the Hughes/ Thrall album . We needed a drummer. Trust me, we got way more than a Drummer . He was always first to arrive at the rehearsal studio in Burbank, and first to arrive at United Western Studios, Hollywood, where we were making the record. Our relationship thrived throughout the years. There was no one more honorable, loyal , courageous , & committed to both music and friendships, than Frankie . He was always there for me , through it all , and never wavered . Gabi and I send all our love & prayers to Regina and Ashley Banali . Picture: Pat , Frankie & I in Burbank California , Summer 1981. Please share the love for Frankie, he is #PURELOVE ???

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