TOOL: gia’ al lavoro

Pubblicato il 28/11/2002

I Tool sono gia’ al lavoro sui brani che andranno a comporre il successore del fortunato “Lateralus” e, nello stesso tempo, stanno dando gli ultimi ritocchi al loro imminente dvd. La band, tramite il proprio sito ufficiale, ha dichiarato:

“After finishing about a year and a half of touring (with a few breaks between) to promote ‘Lateralus’, the band members returned home after the Long Beach show at around 2:00 AM. At about 10:00 AM their equipment was delivered to the band’s rehearsal space in Hollywood. The band members themselves met there at around 3:00 that afternoon and began jamming, going over some new material they wrote while on the road (as well as prior to going on tour), even managing to work out the arrangement on at least one of the songs. At about 7:00 they stopped, as Danny had developed a blister on his hand from cutting firewood earlier in the day (NOTE: as a result of the heavy winds we’ve been experiencing here in L.A., a large tree up at his house had fallen during the night, and he had attacked it with a chainsaw in the morning hours). After Danny, Adam and Justin left the rehearsal space, Maynard remained for about another hour or so to fine-tune some lyrics for the new song. The band members jammed again (and worked on another arrangement) on Tuesday and Wednesday, taking Thursday off for whatever reason. With regards to a new DVD, and any other related future releases, I am not at liberty to comment at this time. These things are compartmentalized (meaning that even the band members themselves don’t know ALL of the details of any given project. For instance, on one particular project, Maynard and Adam might know the plan, but not Danny and Justin — until the ‘right’ time, when it’s necessary to clue them in. Conversely, with another project, Danny and Justin may be the only ones in the loop until the others are informed.) This is the best way to keep things from leaking out to the media (and Internet). Hey, if it works for the folks at S-4, then it’s good enough for the band.”

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